A real deal award-winning marketer, author, international speaker and straight-talking
strategist, dedicated to giving you the skills and confidence to create a business and life you
love on your terms.

Master Your Marketing with Rachael Watt the six figure strategist
One of the things I’m often asked is

“What’s your story, how can I find out more?”

So let me introduce myself…

As the header indicates, I’m an award-winning marketer, author, international speaker, strategic business advisor, chai latte lover and for the last 8 years a solo mum on a mission… A mission to create a business and life I love, that fits the lifestyle I want, on my terms and to help as many others as I can, to do the same.

Best known as the straight talking strategist of the Australian business community, I mix my tough love message with infectious passion as I share how to take your business further, faster and achieve six-seven figure success on your terms, no matter where you might be.

Because…it’s never too late
for a new beginning…

So what’s my story… Here’s the high-level low down (3rd person style), then I’ll be back with you…

Rachael Watt is an award-winning marketer, author, international speaker and strategic business advisor.  Rachael has consulted in over 9 countries around the world and spends her days empowering and equipping other small to medium business experts, advisors and entrepreneurs with the clarity, confidence and skills they need for business success via her company RachaelWatt.com.

In 2010 Rachael was awarded the People First Marketing Team of The Year Award, in recognition of her strategic contribution, growth and leadership to Heritage Banks success. She was also the recipient of Sitecore’s International Website of the Year Award and went on to be Entrepreneur of The Year runner up at the Wealth Dynamics Entrepreneurial Business School in Bali.

Rachael is a true visionary and real deal strategist that gets results. With over 20 years in marketing and business development under her belt, she has an eye for detail, and an uncanny ability to be able to see the bigger picture and chunk (sometimes complex) tasks into manageable actions that get results. She is known for her unfiltered advice and doing things that little bit different because in her words “who says it has to be that way anyway!?” which makes her a force to be reckoned with in today’s business community.

A Scottish raised Australian (or Scossie as Rachael likes to put it), Rachael has always believed in keeping things real and being true to you on your quest for business and life success. Enabled with a huge desire to be the commander of her own ship and to live life on her terms, her fierce drive now is to inspire and motivate others to do the same.

She is a fearless leader and most definitely the girl you want in your corner. Rachael has always done things her way and has never accepted “it can’t be done’ as an option. From working 5-8 jobs while at school to buy the things she wanted, to leaving the security of home and village life at age fifteen to pursue her goal of getting to university, to get the job she always wanted, to backpacking across Canada in the pursuit of freedom and furthering her experience, to saying yes to every opportunity and going all in to make it a reality.

Rachael’s unwavering belief that everything is possible and where there’s a will there’s a way saw her rise quickly in the corporate marketing arena. At age 26 she relocated from the UK to Australia as the youngest executive charged with launching BankWests corporate and business division on the east coast of Australia. Within 4 years she was a sought after strategic consultant in the financial arena. Less than a year later she was the youngest representative on Heritage Banks senior management team of advisors.

Following this she went on to become a strategic consultant and advisor to Retail Food Groups board of directors (the largest franchise food retailer across Australia). Motivated to share her knowledge and help other experts succeed, by age 33 she had launched and taken her first company Marketing Key International from a standing start to a high multiple six figure empire in less than 8 months. Over the last 8 years she has helped thousands of other small to medium business experts, advisors and entrepreneurs to do the same.

Rachael is regularly featured across the media, often being asked to feature in print, podcasts, on TV and radio. She frequently speaks at conferences and events to inspire and motivate and loves to get “hands on” in her online trainings, workshops and 1:1 mentoring.

When Rachael is not empowering business success in others, she’s a real energetic lover of life. Her success allows her to do the things she loves like spending quality time with her son Callum. To experience all she can with him from dancing salsa style, to watching a movie, to hitting the beach or walking in nature… He is her WHY and more importantly her WHY NOT.

She loves to travel, encounter other cultures and embrace all life has to offer. She has travelled extensively in the UK, Europe, Canada, America, New Zealand, Australia, India and Asia and still feels she’s only scraped the surface. And to Rachael, her community; friends and family are everything. She is a firm believer that connection is your currency and its these connections that can lift a soul and help the world go around.

So, that in a nutshell,
are the highlights of who I am

“What I will add is I’m human…”

I make mistakes, I lose my sh#t, I experience setbacks and self-doubt; and absolutely know what it’s like to chase your dreams and go all in only to have the rug pulled out from under you, to experience obstacles and the heart wrenching feeling of losing it all. To have to dig deep and get back up, to have to face every fear, learn from it, dust yourself off and keep going forward. To have unwavering faith in the face of adversity and believe and trust in yourself that every lesson no matter how hard it may be, is a blessing.

What helps me the most through all of this is my love of:


Personal growth and development… I will never stop learning and growing… Like many I’m a continuous work in progress and will always strive to be the best version of me I can be.


My unwavering desire to share my knowledge and help other small to medium business experts, advisors, coaches, consultants and entrepreneurs, to create a business and life they love, ON THEIR TERMS.


Which brings me to you


I’m here to serve, to share my knowledge and provide you with the clarity, skills, confidence and roadmap to grow your business and skyrocket your results fast, no matter where you might be.

Whether you’re already making a comfortable income and want to add an additional $100k plus to your bottom line. Or perhaps you’re just starting out and are looking to reach your first six- figure milestone. Or maybe you are somewhere in between and not sure where to start… But wherever you are, I’m going to share with you exactly how to attract more clients, grow your profits and have more success, on your terms RIGHT NOW!I get that most of you reading this generally know what you want, I’m simply going to give you some clarity and show you the proven strategies and tactics to get it.

So, no matter what your aspirations are, what your ultimate endgoal is or what stage you are at in business, you have the power to change your world. I sincerely hope our work can help you do just that.

Thanks for reading to the end, it’s great to have the opportunity to connect and support you on your journey.

Here’s to your success!


Rachael Watt Expert Advisor as seen in

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