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How to take your marketing materials from drab to fab in 5 simple steps!

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Apart from your business cards, brochures and flyers are the other most commonly printed marketing materials. They are both very efficient pieces used to promote your business – economical and offer plenty of room to talk your business up! They can also be distributed in lots of places – on racks, in mailboxes, at networking events and expos, on your website as a pdf download.

But how do you make a potential client pick up (or download), YOUR brochure and contact you? They key is in the design.

Let’s take a look at the five simple steps to take your marketing materials from drab to fab…

1. Make it stand out from the crowd

Make sure the brochure or flyer is attractive and eye-catching… but not over-the-top and too busy. You can achieve this through bold colours, thought-provoking images and stunning word-play.

2. Ensure the brochure or flyer is easy to read.

Even if you grab their attention with an awesome design, your customer does not want to filter through long, dense paragraphs… they want to get to the point — fast.
Use large, clean headlines in a sans serif font (if you don’t have your own brand specific headline font), and put larger chunks of text in a serif font. Bullet points are a great way to emphasize key ideas without taking up a lot of space. If you’re not limited to bland black dots — try making a neat, relevant graphic to use as your bullet points. Checkmarks, dollar signs, coloured balls, animal silhouettes and other graphics can add aesthetic appeal to your bullet points and when done correctly, can serve to draw extra attention to top-selling pitches.
Remember to use plenty of white space, and try using drop shadows to make your brochure and flyer designs really pop off the page.
Place a large dominant photo on the upper half of your flyer. Remember, in flyer design, less is more: less copy and fewer images mean more impact to your audience. Either arrange it so that there is only one photo, or a dominant photo with smaller photos that are perfectly aligned and not cluttered. Alignment is crucial in creating a visually digestible flyer. Be sure to also keep your branding consistent by placing your logo where it is visible on the flyer.

3. Use incentives

One of the best ways to get the most out of your marketing dollars, build trust and capture attention is to add a value offer to your marketing materials. This could be through coupons, free giveaways or my absolute favourite…offering a free value download accessible from your website. Here you are offering something of value free to the reader and directing them to your website to obtain it, thus increasing your web traffic and building your email list. This in marketing speak is called a Lead Magnet and three types of lead magnets that are working well right now is the:
1. Checklist – giving a checklist of, for example key tools to use.
2. Template – a fill in the blanks template, for example, a sales letter template or sales script.
3. Quiz – ask the reader 10 questions and let them discover something more about themselves that they would value.

4. Know your audience

When determining the tone of your brochure, flyer or any marketing materials, you need to keep in mind who will be reading it. If you are trying to gain new clients, the brochure should be catchy and exciting, but not pushy. If you are focusing on maintaining current clients, use text and images that convey a tone of friendship, trust and appreciation for their business.
Above all your content should speak the language of your ideal or target clients. It should be all about them, their needs, wants, pain points and desires. When they read it you want them to feel as if you are in their head, talking to them.
In addition, it’s imperative that your flyer, brochure text, images and graphics work together to demonstrate the benefits to your ideal customer without droning on about your company. Unless the brochure or flyer is very formal, use the words “you” and “your” rather than “we,” “us,” “our” and “I.” This lets the customer know that they come first and creates familiarity.

5. Emphasize powerful words

Whether you’re writing the text or it’s coming from a professional copywriter, make sure to highlight power words and phrases that grab the attention of clients. This could include the following:
• New
• Free
• Save
• Now
• Easy
• Proven
• Amazing
• Love
• Discovery
• Results
• Health
• Guarantee

Keep these tips in mind when creating your marketing materials (printed or digital) and you will have a better chance of it getting read instead of being thrown away or ignored. A smart design coupled with easy-to-read, well-written text that speaks the language of your target clients and offers a value upgrade will gain attention and bring more clients to your door.
Thank you as always for reading. Once you’ve had a chance to digest, I’d love to hear from you. Which part of today’s post meant the most to you, and why? Leave a comment below and let us know.
To your success!

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